Fandangos in Space - Carmen

Fandangos In Space

Fandangos in Space was the name of one of Carmen's albums. And, in my opinion, easily their best album.

I was first introduced to Carmen when they appeared on The Midnight Special along with David Bowie a long time ago (late 1970's or so?). I remember thinking "who the heck are those guys?" They appeared to be in a genre all to themselves.

A little while later I came across and purchased the Fandangos In Space record at my local Musicland/Sam Goody store. It was, unfortunately, in the cut-out section.

I liked it so much, I went back and bought every copy they had. I kept two and I gave the others to my best music friends.

I thought this album was absolutely terrific.

It was different. It was musical. It had flamenco influences that I had never heard any other band use before.

The song writing was detailed, and you could tell each of the musicians was really good. The bass player was crazy.

Unlike the majority of music from that era, I can still play this record and enjoy it just like I did back then. It doesn't sound old. It doesn't sound dated.

And years later, Rolling Stone Magazine called it one of the top progressive rock albums of the era. So I guess I wasn't just me who liked it a lot.

As I listen to flamenco music today, I sometimes hear a couple of the traditional flamenco elements and riffs that Carmen took, updated and used in their music. Each time I hear one of those riffs — I smile a little.

This domain name and website was originally owned by a fella named Jonas who put together a really cool site about Carmen.

Jonas documented and discussed the band, their history, the different band members and what they did after the band broke up.

Today, David Clark Allen, a founding member of Carmen, has a website that has a terrific section on Carmen. After all, who could talk about and document this group better than the guy who was there from the beginning.

If you get a chance, try to get this CD and give it a listen.

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The original album cover

Back cover of the Fandangos in space album